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Congressman Stephen Fincher

Representing the 8th District of TENNESSEE

Extending the Bush Tax Cuts

Jun 7, 2012
Weekly Updates

Washington is running out of time to address many outstanding issues including one of the most important impediments to job creation: Extending the Bush Tax cuts.

On January 1, 2013 – at the stroke of midnight -Bush tax cuts are set to expire. By doing nothing, Congress would let tax hikes and spending cuts kick in, likely pushing our economy back into a recession. 

We all know that low taxes mean keeping more money in your pockets.  I just don’t think hard working families should be forced to pay more. Instead, Washington should be focused on creating an environment that encourages job growth and regulatory certainty so businesses can plan, invest, and grow to get Americans back to work.

The bottom line is over the coming months, a lot of complex and comprehensive decisions are going to be made. And while tax reform will take time, it is important that we don’t lose sight of what is important:  encouraging economic independence for families and small business owners.  

As I’ve said before, I believe that a fairer, flatter, simpler tax code would help stimulate the economy and benefit every taxpayer. I think that now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to take bold steps toward creating a simpler tax code and keeping taxes low.