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Congressman Stephen Fincher

Representing the 8th District of TENNESSEE

High Water in the Mississippi River **Updated**

Apr 27, 2011
Press Release

26 Apr 11, Flood Fight Update, Memphis District, US Army Corps of Engineers (UNCLASSIFIED)


1) Weather (source:  National Weather Service)






The National Weather Service forecast including water on the ground and 48

hours of future rainfall, forecasts the river crest at Cairo to be 60.5' on

May 1st.  Cairo crest is able to be lowered due to planned discharge

reductions at Barkley and Kentucky Reservoirs.


2) Memphis District Emergency Operations Center is operating 24 hours a day.

Phone number is 901-544-3461.





1) Cairo Area.


Last 24 Hours:  Flood Fight Team began first full day of patrols and going to

24 hour coverage.  Initiated activities to provide assistance to Dutchtown

(MO) with temporary levee and poly, sandbags and pumps were delivered last

night.  Continued contact with local officials.


Next 24 Hours:  Continue providing assistance to Dutchtown (MO) and Cairo



Items of Interest:  Cairo (IL).  Hwy 51 has been cleared of water and is open

to traffic--only paved road to access Cairo.  4 of 5 local pump stations are

at least partially operational.  22nd St. Pump Station not operational.

Significant sink holes reported at 11th St and Hwy 51 IVO and on Commercial

Ave.  City of Cairo is considering a voluntary evacuation.  Mound City (IL).

A blocked culvert is preventing stormwater from each pump station.  City has

obtained pumps.  Stoddard County (MO).  A spoil bank was breached on the

north side of Castor River, which impacted agricultural lands.  County Road

241 north of Allenville (MO) is underwater.



2) Reelfoot-Obion Area.


Last 24 Hours:  Flood Fight Team continuing patrols and contact with locals.

Corps personnel attended meeting in Tiptonville (TN) on Contingency Planning

for Evacuations, hosted by Macie Roberson with Rep. Stephen Fincher (TN) in

attendance.  Corps personnel attended similar meeting in Dyer County, hosted

by James Medling.


Next 24 Hours:  Flood Flight Team will go to 24 hour coverage.  Continue to

make contact with local officials.


Items of Interest:  Hickman (KY) officials have expressed concern about leaks

in Hickman floodwall.  Three pumps provided to Tiptonville (TN).  Local

officials artificially crevassed the Tennemo Private Levee.  Water over the

roads on the riverside of Dyer County Little Levee (DCLL) (TN) will be

overtopping along a large portion of the length when the gage at

Caruthersville, MO, exceeds 44'.  Board making plans to breach levee.



3)      Missouri Area.


Last 24 Hours:  Flood Fight Team going to 24 hour coverage.  Locals are

filling sandbags at the Caruthersville Floodwall (MO).  Water is over State

Hwy WW and several county roads in the Floodway (MO).  The St. John's Bayou

floodgates are closed (MO).  Corps personnel attended town hall meeting with

Rep. Emerson and FEMA at East Prairie (MO)


Next 24 Hours:  Continue patrols and making contact with local officials.


Items of Interest:  NA



4)      Memphis & West Memphis Area.


Last 24 Hours:  Phase 1 activities have not been officially initiated.  Wynne

Area Office (AR) is monitoring local conditions along with local officials in

the Memphis, TN & West Memphis, AR


Next 24 Hours:  Continue to monitor conditions.


Items of Interest:  NA



5)      Birds Point-New Madrid Floodway.


Last 24 Hours:  Began moving barges loaded with equipment and materials used

to operate the Birds Point-New Madrid Floodway (MO) from Memphis to Missouri

this afternoon (April 26). The decision by Mississippi

River Commission President, Maj. Gen. Michael Walsh, to move the barges will

allow the Memphis

District to continue with the next phase of the Floodway operation plan, if

needed.  Evacuation of the Floodway recommended.  The Floodway is part of a

flood risk management plan for the Lower Mississippi River designed

to minimize damage and save lives from historic flood levels and is located

on the west bank of the

Mississippi in southeast Missouri, just below the confluence of the Ohio and

Mississippi Rivers. Its

purpose is to lower flood stages and pressure on the entire system during

major flood events. The

floodway is 35 miles long and varies from 4 to 12 miles in width. Its area

comprises about 133 thousand

acres, or 205 square miles of land.


Next 24 Hours:  The Mississippi River Commission will hold a Public

Information Meeting tomorrow (27 Apr 11) at the Creative School Zone, East

Prairie (MO), 319 Clay Morgan Road.