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Congressman Stephen Fincher

Representing the 8th District of TENNESSEE

Don’t rely on Washington to fix social problems

Jul 27, 2013
Opinion Pieces

My faith and belief in Christ are incredibly important to me and guide my life.

Of course, that’s not something the liberal media approve of. They take every opportunity to pick and choose stories, truncating the facts and taking quotes out of context, which helps drive their agenda of more government and less individual freedoms.

It’s always troubling when the media are so willing to take something out of context to divide our nation, which is exactly what they did to me a few months ago.

In May, during the House Agriculture Committee markup of the farm bill, one of my Democratic colleagues used a Bible verse to justify food stamps. I responded with the verse from 2 Thessalonians 3:10 (“For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: ‘The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.’”

I immediately followed that with the point that we can’t pick and choose Bible verses. Why? Because as Christians we don’t pick and choose verses that only support our positions. We believe and accept the Bible in its entirety.

I concluded by saying that while I certainly believe we as individuals and Christians have a responsibility to care for the needy in our communities, we shouldn’t rely solely on the government to take care of one another. We, as Christians, should follow Christ’s example and step up to care for the needy.

Many have fallen into a dangerous trap of turning to Washington to solve every problem. Meanwhile, you turn on the TV, and the liberal media are dividing our nation, pitting one side against the other.

The truth is, Washington politicians cannot fix our nation’s social problems. It starts at home with our families, in our communities and our churches. To move our country forward, we need to work together instead of allowing politicians and the liberal media to divide us.

Instead of trying to redefine the role of government, America needs to get back its core values that believe the strength and ability of the individual is far greater than the government’s.

Stephen Fincher, a Republican, represents Tennessee’s 8th Congressional District. On July 11, Fincher voted in favor of a farm bill that was stripped of hundreds of billions in funding for food stamps.

This story was originally published in the Commercial Appeal on July 27, 2013.